9PIN Magnetic Pogo pin connector

SMT/DIP Spring Ejector Pin, POGO PIN Connector
POGO-PIN Magnet Series
● Height & Diameter: 14.0mm&1.6mm
● Elasticity: 40±20 gf
● Packaging: bulk/tray


Barrel : Brass C3604/HBI59

Plunger:Brass C3604/HBI59

Spring :SUS304

Plunger : 5u” min.AU over 50~100u” Ni.

Barrel :5u” min.AU over 50~100u” Ni.

DC5V; 2A Max

50m Ohm maximum at working height




●Applicable to medical devices, GPS, radio receivers, etc.
●Magnet type automatic adsorption, support high current transmission, high frequency signal transmission, easy to plug and play, long life.
●Male and female docking stations can be used together to achieve fast charging functions.


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