SMT Pogo pin other height

SMT/flat bottom spring thimble, POGO PIN
POGO PIN flat bottom series
● Height & diameter: 5.0mm*17.0mm
● Elasticity: 80±20 gf
● Packing method: bulk/tray


Barrel : Brass C3604/HBI59

Plunger:Brass C3604/HBI59

Spring :SUS304

Plunger : 5u” min.AU over 50~100u” Ni.

Barrel :5u” min.AU over 50~100u” Ni.

DC5V; 2A Max

50m Ohm maximum at working height




● Suitable for medical equipment, military communications and other equipment
● The elasticity of the product can be accurately stroked and adjusted, and high-current structure can be designed
● The flat-bottomed structure has good stability and provides convenience for mass production of customers


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