Magnetic charging cable is also called magnetic usb cable, magnetic data cable, etc. Mainly used in electronic products such as smart wearable, 3C digital, smart home, car navigation detection, medical equipment, etc., to achieve charging, signal transmission and other aspects.

Parts include POGO PIN, plastic, magnet (iron-nickel alloy), wire.

Magnetic wire has the following advantages:

Anti-drop: The charging interface is easy to remove and it is not easy to drive the unit;

Long life: up to 100,000-200,000 times of functional connection charging;

Waterproof design: The female end of the host can be dustproof and waterproof (IPX8);

Fast charging time: 5A-10A design to withstand high current transmission;

Save space: the female end connector and PCB can be connected to pogo pin and SMT DIP jumper;

Customization: diversified shapes and styles to meet the shape matching of the mainframe products and enhance the product’s selling point;

Magnet type positioning: the use of magnets and mechanisms to double the circuit protection to prevent fools;

Environmental protection requirements: Excellent corrosion resistance grade (48H-120H) to meet harsh environments.