Oxford X-Strata920 Plating Measurement Machine

Which is Professional for measuring metal plating thickness, and the accuracy is up to 0.01 micro inch. Applying for POGO PIN metal plating measurement and quality control.

KEYENCE IM-7000 Dimension Measurement Machine:

Instead of the traditional quadratic device. It can identify up to 99 parts of product at one time, and the accuracy is up to 0.00001mm. Efficiency is more than 6 times higher than the traditional one. It can accurately measure and control the size of semi-finished products/finished products according to the design requirements, also meeting the requirements of product standards

L1220S Automatic Force tester

Applying for POGO PIN force/resistance data analysis test. Accuracy is 0.01 gf and resistance test accuracy is 0.01 m Ω

EDX-1800B ROHS Test Machine

Which is Professional for Analyzing metal/plastic and other harmful substances content, and the accuracy is up to 2PPM; High test efficiency and small error. All the raw materials/semi-finished products/finished products will be controlled by International Standard.


Reflow Oven

It is suitable for POGO PIN simulation reflow welding and wave soldering through furnace test at high temperature to verify whether it conforms to high temperature resistance


CCD Dimension Measurement Machine:

Apply for Pogo pin dimension measurement, it can make sure 100% qualified dimension before shipping.