Flat bottom

Good stability, the bottom of the needle tube is designed with a flat bottom, which is easy to be welded to the PCB board

plug-in type


There is a positioning pin at the end of the needle shaft, which will not offset when soldering with the PCB board, and the positioning effect is good

side stick type

Side stick

The side-mounted design greatly reduces the thickness of the product, which is suitable for the battery connection part of the current ultra-thin product. The design of the positioning column is more conducive to the precise positioning of the product

bending type


The tail of the needle shaft is bent to provide designers with more choices in the use of space

double-ended type

Double ended needle

The dual-head dual-action design allows engineers more space flexibility in board-to-board bidirectional connection

Based on the humanized experience, Zhenghe has launched a magnetic connector, which can not only achieve good high-frequency signal transmission, can provide current charging above 3A, but also provide high-speed data transmission, which can achieve functions such as fast charging. It just so happens that the magnetic attraction function can realize the beautiful ID design for the product, and can solve the problem of falling and damage caused by the data cable dragging the host (NB, mobile phone boarding high-end equipment)

Product dominance

Magnet type automatic adsorption

Support high current transmission

High frequency signal transmission (can replace traditional USB2.0, HDMI1.3)

Easy to plug and unplug

long life



Needle tube & needle shaft: brass

Spring: SUS304

Plastic: PPA, HTN, LCP black (UL94-V0)

Magnet: NdFeb 48h nickel plating


Needle tube & needle shaft: nickel plated 50-100μ’’, then gold plated 10μ”


Current and voltage: DC12V, 3A

Contact resistance: 50 milliohms maximum impedance at working height (static)

Mechanical properties

Spring force at working height: minimum 80g

Service life: more than 10,000 times

In order to ensure the best use, please operate according to the engineering drawings, and the compression should not be exceeded.


RoHS compliant

With the development of the electronics industry, the popularity of electronic products is getting higher and higher, and our lives are constantly improving. At the same time, people’s requirements for electronic products are also constantly improving, and the waterproof performance of electronic products has begun to be affected by people. With general attention, Zhenghe has launched a waterproof connection solution, providing customized design to achieve waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof requirements, making the product suitable for harsher environments, and bringing customers a safer, more reliable and high-quality experience

Product advantages

IPX7 level waterproof design

Small form factor

High temperature resistance

Corrosion resistance

Provide customized design

Structural design

Glue type

Glue design can reach IPX6/IPX7 protection level


O-ring design can reach IPX7 protection level